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“I joined 3PT in 2019 & committed to the ‘comp prep’ journey with Will as my coach & trainer. Honestly, I couldn’t have chosen better.

Will is obviously very knowledgeable at what he does, he knows his stuff inside & out but most importantly (& in my experience what many coaches & trainers lack) he is a fantastic educator & support. He knows when to push you, rest you & when to say “it’s all good, now get your s*** together” (in an ever so polite & subtle way, of course!)

Overall, my comp prep journey was amazing and I have come out of it healthy, happy & maintaining a lean physique on higher calories & healthier mindset than when I started (not something that a lot of competitors can say). So, whether it be for a comp prep, general weight loss / fitness / health / wellbeing I couldn’t recommend the 3PT crew more highly. 3PT are my fit fam! The team & members are amazing & I love them.