Online Coaching FAQ’S

3PT are Port’s only specialised 1:1 PT studio and this means our attention to detail with each client is second to none.

If you want the most efficient path to long term results then you need a highly personalised coaching service. The reason this is important is because as you progress closer towards your goal, results get harder to come by and the guidance of 1:1 coaching in this scenario is what’s required to ensure you reach the end goal. If you’ve ever done group training and seen your results stall, this is the reason why. Whilst you may get results early, that inability to get personalised attention as you progress is why 1:1 coaching is more beneficial long term. 

It’s like aiming to cook a dish with only an ingredients list. It’s easy enough to get started and gather all the ingredients but from there you probably need a recipe to guide you to a finished product.

No matter what your experience level, 3PT has you covered. Often our coaching is associated with being only for experienced gym goers with ripped physiques and crazy strength. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Whilst we can definitely cater to the more advanced lifter, a large majority of our clients are general population. For example, we train:

  • Mums looking to do something for themselves amongst the craziness of being a parent. 
  • People getting ready for important life events such as weddings and holidays.
  • Busy professionals who need training in their lives but don’t want to think about what they are doing in the gym.
  • The group gym goer who can’t seem to progress no matter how hard they train.
  • Older clients looking to improve their strength to make everyday tasks easier.
  • The first timer who is nervous about stepping foot in the gym. 
  • Anyone that wants to go to a place where they feel like they are in a friendly and supportive environment, not just another number.

There are two parts to this answer. 

Firstly, our coaches focus on principles not methods. Principles give the foundational knowledge of how things work whereas methods usually involve a set of rigid rules used to achieve a principle. The problem with using a single method is that this won’t work for all clients. If you hear of a coach or gym that advertises a ‘method’ you are not guaranteed that it will work for you as it will cater to a very specific population. 

We take the principles needed for results and mold our coaching so these principles can be applied with each individual client depending on their goals, experience, lifestyle and other factors that may contribute. This means no matter who you are or what you circumstance, as long as you are ready to commit to coaching, you will get results.

Secondly, we go way beyond just the ‘training session’. Whilst training sessions are an important part of the process, if you want the most effective path to long term results then you need:

  • A structured training program that progresses as you progress and goals change.
  • Nutritional guidance to compliment your training, goals and lifestyle.
  • Ongoing accountability and direction from experienced coaches. 

We understand that the gym can be intimidating for some but we don’t want that to be the reason that you don’t start. For this reason we really take pride in ensuring that people feel comfortable from their first encounter and throughout their time with us.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “We are not your typical gym” before. You then rock up and are treated just like another number in the system.

At 3PT no matter what service you enter in we are committed to ensuring you get results and enjoy your time at the studio. 

When starting with your coach we go through a comprehensive pre exercise screening to come up with a plan personalised to you. This means you will start at a level appropriate to your level of experience and progress at a rate that suits you. We are not here to be drill sergeants. 

We as coaches will make an effort to introduce you to other clients of the studio so you have a set of familiar faces each time you walk in. 

For body composition and strength based goals, resistance training is what you should be doing. 

A resistance training program is the most efficient path to getting stronger and building muscle. Low weight, cardio based workouts are great for burning energy only and if you truly want to change your body composition and get stronger then you need to be in the gym.. 

The beauty of resistance training is:

  • There are endless ways you can progress your training. This is often the main issue with other styles of training as going harder just leads to burn out.
  • Tracking your training and progression is easy so you can ensure you are going in the right direction
  • Your strength goes through the roof which is a big motivator
  • You are not left completely dead at the end meaning you can function throughout the day. 
  • You can specifically address aches and pains (i.e low back pain) through getting stronger. 

No matter if your goal is fat loss, muscle gain, strength or just generally wanting to feel better, resistance training should be your first point of call.

Pricing is best discussed in a face to face or phone consultation with a coach. 

The first step is to determine exactly what you need to achieve your goals through a discussion with a coach and then based on that we can determine what service will be best for you. 

Firstly you can submit the contact form above by clicking BOOK CONSULT.  From there a coach will be in touch to organise a no obligation consultation. 

At 3PT we believe in strong client/coach relationships and this begins from your first encounter. For that reason, we offer free consultations so you have the chance to sit down with your coach in a neutral, non pressured environment to discuss what you aim to get from coaching. No pushy sales tactics, no hidden agendas, rather a genuine conversation where you can be completely transparent about what you want. 

The reason we do all this is because we want to be sure that clients who begin training have a clear understanding of what they can expect from working with us before they buy

No. We don’t have any minimum terms for coaching and you are free to exit whenever you please without cost. We do however have a 24 hour cancellation policy for sessions which is standard across a majority of the industry. 

Whilst there are no lock in contracts, our clients that get the best results are the ones that are in it for the long haul so we encourage you to commit to the process to give you the best chance of success.